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Mirror TV in CabnetHow easy is it to install the Samsung LED Mirror TV?
The Samsung LED Mirror TV installs exactly the same as regular TV. You just hang it on the wall with a slim profile wall mount and you're all done! You may want to string the cables back through the wall for the best concealment. Alternatively, you can hide them with cable covers, which attach to the wall and can be painted to match it.

How good is the sound quality?
The frame and glass don't block any of the sound, so you get the same high quality sound you'd get from any other flat screen TV.

How good is the picture quality?
Our Samsung Mirror TV have 1080P picture quality with full, vibrant color. Unlike other companies, we combine the brightest televisions on the market with the most transparent mirror available to deliver uncompromised picture clarity.

What frame profile do you use?
Most of the standard frames start at 64mm wide up to150mm and extend from the viewable area of the TV. They are a minium of 20mm deep which are generally suited for a recess type installation, alternatively you can have a black reveal stepped in from the back side of the frame which then covers the sides of the TV so that it can't be detected from any angle. We also have deeper frames that hide the sides of the TV and mount. 

How do I hide the cables?
For the best installation, string the cables back through the wall to hide them. Alternatively, you can use cable tunneling, which can be painted to the match the wall. You can easily find cable tunneling at your local Home Depot or A/V installer.

Do I need to use a special wall mount?
We have tested many different mounts to find the best one for a mirror TV. We recommend an ultra slim flat wall mount, preferably one that will keep your TV within 10mm of the wall for a seamless appearance. 

Mounting the TV
Make sure your mounting kit is strong enough to hold the weight of the TV, the glass, and the frame. For heat dissipation, you will want a mount that has a little bit of space from the wall.

Heat dissipation
After installation, it's a good idea to put a digital thermometer in back of the TV and leave it running for a while. Compare the maximum heat reading to the specifications for the TV, and make sure you are not exceeding them. If it's getting too hot, you can move it further from the wall, or install
some tiny fans in back to blow the heat upwards. When constructing the frame or cabinet, make sure that the heat vents aren't obstructed and that there is sufficient air flow.

How fast can I get it?
We manufacture to order and can have it ready with the frame of your choice within 4-5 weeks. 

What can be used to clean it?
Any standard glass work great on our mirrors, and you can clean it with ordinary paper towels. For a perfect, streak-free finish, we recommend rubbing alcohol (lens cleaner) and microfiber clothes.