Now you see it, now you don't!



"Experience the future of

 concealed entertainment

                   with a

         Mirror Television"



A Mirror Television, What is it.........?

This innovative design combines the functionality of advanced mirror technology with a sleek TV that totally disappears when you no longer need it. The Mirror TV is made in a range of sizes incorporating the latest Samsung display technology to provide the most vivid picture available.


Features are in conjunction with Samsung’s UHD, 4K and 8K QLED models including TV Apps, Skype, Wireless, Web Browsing, On Demand viewing and more.


The Mirror TV is ideal for living and bedroom use, where the main purpose is for viewing TV with Full HD quality. This advanced mirror technology has been specially designed to be optically colour neutral and allow a maximum amount of light through while being a reflective mirror when not in use. It becomes a blended and tailored piece of furniture, not something that dominates the living space.


Having frames to choose from will enable a seamless blend with any room, business or commercial space.


Custom frames are optional creating the ability to add your artistic touch and the perfect accent to compliment the uniqueness of any styled interior.


Installation is the same as any wall mounted flat screen TV.



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