5 Steps

1. Choose TV Size:
32 inch
43 inchSmart Hub
49 inch
55 inch
60 to 75 inch
2. Choose Full LED Smart TV Specification:
M5000 series is FHD with a clear motion rate of 50.
Click on model for detailed specification
32" N5300
43" N5500
NU7100 series is 4K with a UHD with a clear motion rate of 100.
Click on model below for detailed specification
43” RU7100
50” RU7100
55” RU7100
65” RU7100
75” RU7100

NU8000 series is 4K Platinum UHD with Active Crystal and a clear motion rate of 100Hz.
Click on model below for detailed specification

55” RU8000
65” RU8000

  Smart Evolution
QLED series is 4K the brightest quantum dot colour with a clear motion rate of 200.
Click on model below for detailed specification.

55” Q75RA
65” Q75RA
55" Q80RA
65" Q80RA
75" Q80RA
65" Q90RA
75" Q90RA
8K series with stunning resolution and
dynamic 8K upscaling
65" Q900RB
75" Q900RB
82" Q900RB
3. Choose mounting style:
Recess - Cavity required in wall to specified size
Specified size will be given once TV size and frame are selected 
*This style is suited to all frame sizes
Surface mount - Deeper and wider frames are better for concealing TV, mounting and wires, alternativley...
Surface mount with black reveal - Thin frames can be used with a black reveal to conceal TV, mounting and wires
4. Choose a frame to suit your decor:
Click here or above to the frame gallery and take note of the name and size or...
If you have a different frame style in mind that is available locally, let us know and we will see if it is possible to use.
5. Contact us for a quote:
Installation and TV brackets priced per application
All Mirror TVs are made to order
Delivery times will vary, usually 4-5 weeks